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Participation Guidelines

Expert Biologists:


The Charlie Painter BioBlitz & BBQ could not happen without the participation of biologists from around the region who volunteer their time and expertise.

Licensed/permitted Expert Biologists fill a variety of roles at the BioBlitz. They can:


  • Collect/observe and inventory organisms in their taxa group

  • Identify and help others identify species in taxa group

  • Interact with Citizen Scientists

    • By leading group activities

    • By giving talks about their area of expertise

    • By instilling a conservation ethic regarding the collection of organisms and use of the natural area.


Because of their knowledge and expertise, licensed/permitted Expert Biologists are allowed to:


  • Handle and collect vertebrate animals

  • Collect and preserve invertebrate animals

  • Collect and preserve plants and plant material


Expert Biologists are required to:


Release all vertebrate animals in the area in which they were captured.


Citizen Scientists:


BioBlitz! could not happen with out the participation of Citizen Scientists from around the region who volunteer their time and enthusiasm.

Citizen Scientists can participate in a variety of ways at BioBlitz!. They may:


Conduct inventory on their own


  • By getting checks of taxa at base camp and marking off what they see

  • By taking pictures of observed species and having them identified by Expert Biologists


Interact with expert biologists


  • By attending any of the scheduled activities

  • By chatting with them at base camp

  • By observing their collections at base camp

  • By getting help with identification of photographed organisms


As Citizen Scientists you are permitted during BioBlitz! to assist with the biological inventory. To protect organisms from harm and needless death, Citizen Scientists are not allowed to collect organisms. 

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